Exalted: Book of Bone and Ebony


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The Black Power of Necromancy

Although the Solars alone can wield the mighty power of Solar Circle Sorcery, they are not alone in wielding magic. The Deathlords and their Abyssal slaves can focus the vast power of the Malfeans into the black miracles of Necromancy, evil magic equal to the mightiest wizardry in Creation.

The Sorcery of the Dead

The Book of Bone and Ebony details the black art of Necromancy, and many other important facets of the Underworld. From the secrets of Stygia to the construction of necromantic war machines and new ghostly Arcanoi and Underworld creatures, this book offers all the information you need to unlock the power of death in any game involving Abyssals or the Heroic Dead.


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