Dungeons & Dragons: Sword & Sorcery – Glades of Death


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Can your PC’s make it through the forest on the way to their final destination? Will they be ensnared in the mystery of the dreaded ghoul wolves, or become entangled in a battle between druids and insects that is slowly destroying a small logging village? Are your PC’s strong enough to enter the Canyons of Arcuri? Perhaps, they are even bold enough to enter the private, forested demiplane of the mad druid Niavark. This book contains forest-based adventures for several levels of play that are generic enough for any setting.

Glades of Death contains new spells, new feats and a new look at skills and how to use them in the wilderness. Tables and suggestions for the rapid creation of new fantasy forests are also provided along with new monsters to surprise PC’s. The four new forest-based adventures within provide opportunities to use the new feats and spells while challenging PC’s and players, to regard a trip through the forest with fear, rather than simply a step toward a new dungon, castle, or city.


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