Dungeons & Dragons: 3E Power Classes #4 – Noble


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The noble is the master of the social scene. Through his training and upbringing, together with his status he excels at taking command of any situation and turning it into his advantage. Nobles often function as leaders of society, the cream of the crop who direct others to carry out their goals, taking part themselves only when it is expendient or the matter is of some great concern to them. Their training in etiquette, hunting, tactics and the simple way of how their society hangs together makes them perfect leaders for adventuring parties.

This is the fourth book of the Power Classes series from Mongoose Publishing. Designed seamlessly slotted into any fantasy-based d20 system game, each of these mini-supplements introduce an entirely new core character class, adding a whole new dimension to campaigns. Players will find full details on how to use the new character class, greatly increasing the wealth of options they are presented with by the core rulebooks, while Games Masters may revel in the wide variety of new classes they have at their disposal for non-player characters in their campaigns.


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