Dungeons & Dragons: 3.5E Monster Encyclopedia Volume 1 – Ravagers of the Realms


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Welcome to the very first volume of the new Monster Encyclopedia series, a collection of tomes describing and detailing a veritable cornucopia of creatures foul and fair for your dismay and delight. Within the pages of Ravagers of the Realms, you will find a collection of over 200 new monsters and beasts of all shapes and sizes, from the earth-shaking bulk of the siege-beast to the miniscule yet truly sinister mummer. There are horrors the like of which has never seen before – demons wrought from pure rage, vast undead that prowl the ocean depths and hags that harvest teeth of children to create their disturbing fortresses. There are allies in the fight against evil – the glorious metal angles hailing from a world where there is no organic life, the spirited anachras seeking to set the wrongs imposed on the innocent and weak, and the citywardens watching the streets with a careful eye. There are courts of capricious fey, armies of lethal constructs and legions of monstrous aberrations that should never have seen the light of day nor been even conceived of in the minds of those who had made them. There are vengeful spirits, devious fiends and undead thirsting after the deaths of all who live – literally, in the case of the parched zombie.

This Monster Encyclopedia describes all these creatures and far more. Each monster is fully detailed with artwork, provided with its own set of statistics under the 3.5 edition of the d20 rules and with descriptive text for a GM to read out to fearful Players when they first encounter it. Monster listings are provided alphabetically, by Challenge Rating, and by type and sub-type, while an entire opening chapter is dedicated to aiding GMs in how to best implement and use monsters in a campaign.


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