Dungeons & Dragons: 3.5E Into the Black – A Guide to Below


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The dark realms beneath the surface conceal an immeasurable wealth of wondrous riches and terrifying mysteries awaiting discovery by those daring enough to venture into these lightless kingdoms. From dense veins of precious metals and mesmerizing, luminescent crystals to unknown and seemingly alien species of plants and animals, the deep places of the earth support a diverse and often bizarre ecosystem utterly foreign to most surface dwellers. Yet, tales of the subterranean world’s magnificent treasures tantalize brave adventurers seeking to wrest them from the clutches of the wicked beasts and monstrous denizens that call this forsaken land home.

Into the Black prepares players and GMs alike for the perilous quest into this inhospitable territory, arming players with the tools necessary not only to survive in this treacherous domain but prosper. Potent new substances, magic items, equipment and material await underground explorers, while a full arsenal of innovative spells aids them in their quest. Likewise, Into the Black gives GMs a diverse spectrum of potent monsters from the insidious and cerebral pallemon to the sly and crafty barathelar as well as campaign ideas and a complete background on each of the four subterranean environments: caverns, catacombs, mines and sewers.


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