Ducking High


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A “judge chooses best” ADULT card game full of crazy questions (225 in the first edition to be exact)that incite some long, out of this world conversations. Players choose responses from cards in their hand which were acquired from a random draw pile. A “judge” asks a question from on of their hand cards and then chooses a best response from all the responses that the other players played from cards in their hand. Players use their “ducking high” mind to think of funny, exaggerated and out of their mind but brilliant brilliant answers to mind bending questions. The game requires very little set up whose game length can be tailored to the players time constraints with a typical game allowing for each player to be “the judge”. Game length depends on the number of players but is best with a group of three or more. An average game length is about 30 minutes, however, it has an addictive random response effect that can be entertaining for hours. Due to the nature of the game, obscenities and scenarios this game is recommended for adult groups.


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