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Another traveler’s companion that is as important as your passport. There are many games that can be played with the five wooden dice, dominoes, and a deck of cards. We have narrowed it down to our favorite twelve, but the combinations are endless! Its no wonder dice and card games have survived since ancient times… they are fun, and the games that can be played are numerous. Enjoy! History: These three game components are rich in ancient history and have evolved into great classic games of the present. Dice games have been played by many ancient cultures – archaeological digs date them back to 6000 BC. The leaf game, played during the Tang Dynasty of 9th Century China, is considered the grandfather to the modern-day playing cards. Dominoes, conventionally made from ivory or bone, are descendants of dice. The bones became known as dominoes from their resemblance to the style of a half-mask featuring a black and white pattern called domino.


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