Dobble Spot it!: Access+


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Discover the Access+ version of the popular Dobble speed and observation game, which has been adapted for players living with cognitive disorders. The cards and symbols are bigger for easier handling and recognition and progressive levels of difficulty are proposed in the rules to make the game as accessible to as many people as possible.

Dobble Access+ remains true to the original version of the game: Players must find the symbol in common between their card and the drawn card. The adaptions make it possible for everyone to play together and have a great time.

Included are analyses by scientific experts, to inform practitioners, caregivers and patients of the benefits of the game and the cognitive functions it stimulates.

Dobble Access + stimulates attention, observation, speed, memory and motor skills, among other functions.

Tested in the field and validated by medical and recreation professionals, Access+ games focus on accessibility and ease of use. They stimulate a wide range of cognitive functions and promote social interaction in a positive, reassuring setting.


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