Dirty Minds: The Ultimate Board Game for Adults


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The Ultimate Edition of Dirty Minds contains four new categories of relatively innocent material that only YOUR mind can make naughty.

Dirty Clues is a category featuring clean answers to naughty clues.
Dirty Deeds are naughty stories about innocent acts.
Dirty Lies means the truth is just too naughty.
Dirty Secrets is a category in which you decide to tell, or not tell.

The seemingly filthy clues point toward totally clean answers.

Added to them is Dirty Deeds, which sound like naughty little stories, but they’re about completely innocent things. In other words, if you have a dirty mind, you’ll lose.

Dirty Lies contains simple facts of interest to adults… along with two ways to lie about them; Dirty Secrets are tasty little tidbits from your own very personal experiences. You alone must choose to either tell the truth or lie about them. With both Secrets & Lies, other players score by correctly guessing your intentions.

Each game comes with 63 Dirty Clue/Dirty Deeds cards, 63 Dirty Secrets/Dirty Lies cards, 24 dirty bets cards, 1 dirty board game, 8 dirty pawns, 2 dice and instructions.


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