Demon: Storytellers Companion


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Awake, Arise

The seals of Armageddon are sundered, and the damned have shaken off their chains. While the lords of the Abyss marshal their forces and rekindle ancient ambitions, they are unaware that darker forces wait in remote parts of the world. The Earthbound have slumbered for centuries, waiting for their opportunity to enslave mankind, and the demons are the key. Caught up in the intrigues of a forgotten age, will the legions of the Abyss re-ignite the fires of rebellion or consume the Earth in flames?

Or Be Forever Fallen!

The Demon Storytellers Companion pulls back the veil of secrets on the Earthbound and the reasons for their relentless campaign to enslave the fallen. Expanded information on political factions, storytelling tips on interacting with greater demons and an overview of the events that will shape the course of the game make this an invaluable Storyteller resource.


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