Dark Tower: A Fifth Conversion & Classic Homage – Deluxe 3-Volume Set


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An ancient evil has become rooted in the one peaceful village of Mitra’s Fist. Thus, the sleepy mountain hamlet has become a focal point for mysterious disappearances and whispered tales of what lurks beneath the village. Would any average group of heroes dare investigate the rumors, seek the right to ancient wrongs, or even attempt to clash against the dark forces of a god? This is no quest for the weak of faith or strength. Below the cellars of Mitra’s Fist are dangerous with foul enemies and cursed followers, but also strange allies and holy relics ready for discovery in the final battle against the forces of unspeakable evil.

This slipcased set contains three volumes of 5E adventures! Explore the complete Dark Tower adventure and the neighboring village of Mitra’s Fist, plus additional wilderness adventures and information and a new campaign arc to defeat the Chosen Sons of Set! Also included are scans of the original vintage publication and historical commentary. This is a homage to the classic adventure written by Jennell Jaquays and originally published in 1979.


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