Conspiracy X: Bodyguard of Lies 1 – Psi Wars


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The Battlelines have been drawn. The Psi Wars have begun.

In the time and space between slumber and waking, war is being fought. This war is not fought by nations or even in the streets of our cities.

It is fought in our minds — in that most private place we consider sacred and untouchable.

Using nightmares as weapons, the enemy threatens to drive us all mad with terrifying sights and horrific thoughts. Such terrors are all the worse because they do not seem to originate from an outside point, but from one inside our very beings. We did not ask for this war, but we cannot shy away from it. Should we lose this war of thought, we could very well lose our minds.

Psi Wars is the first in a new line of module/sourcebooks entitled Bodyguard of Lies. These books begin with a ready to run adventure for Conspiracy X as well as supplemental material.


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