Conquest of the Pacific


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Conquest of the Pacific┬áis just that, a naval contest between unit rich, production poor Japan and unit poor, production rich America. The game does not include Asia. It is strictly a series of naval and island hopping maneuvering and battles fought in the Pacific. We always wanted to play with the boats more in A&A, but we also wanted to win. The boats and planes are so expensive that no one can really afford to wage much sea war after the first turn or two in A&A. Enter Conquest of the Pacific. Both sides face daunting tasks. Japan has a huge fleet, but has a lot of islands it needs to conquer to win, and ends up being so far away from its supply lines that it usually can’t defend everything while still being able to challenge the growing American fleet. America starts the war far from a state of readiness, but its huge economic advantage helps make up for it. The front is close to the US, so supply lines are short, but the Japanese fleet is usually much larger if it can consolidate. This makes for some interesting cat and mouse maneuvering and epic sea battles.


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