Classic Battletech: Starterbook – Sword and Dragon


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The book revisits The Fox’s Teeth and Sorenson’s Sabres, two company-sized units from House Davion and House Kurita, respectively, which were the eponymous units for two of the earliest sourcebooks ever published for BattleTech: The Fox’s Teeth: Exploits of McKinnon’s Raiders and Sorenson’s Sabres (scenario pack).

Sword and Dragon details each of the units, including unique ‘Mech variants and personalities. In conjunction with Iron Wind Metals, these unique ‘Mech variants have received their own miniatures. In addition, the book features a series of loosely defined scenario “tracks” that can be strung together to form a campaign which continues the units’ stories from where the previous sourcebooks left off, intertwining their histories and narrating the exploits of the next generation up until the Jihad era. There are also rules for the unique units that are fielded by the two independent companies and prototype advanced-technology (for the 3040s) equipment.


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