Classic Battletech: Record Sheets – 3039


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The companion to Technical Readout: 3039Record Sheets: 3039 contains the record sheets to almost every ‘Mech, combat vehicle, and aerospace fighter in the technical readout. Each of the record sheets also includes the unit’s Battle Value and cost.

As TRO:3039 is primarily aimed at new players, specifically those who just picked up the Classic BattleTech Introductory Box Set, the units in RS:3039 are primarily those available to the Inner Sphere and Periphery in 3039. One exception is that of the Unseen, which had the record sheets for every variant compiled in Record Sheets: Phoenix Upgrades, and so are not reproduced. The other exception is that many of the fighters include variants new to these publications that use equipment that was first introduced in Total Warfare and TechManual.


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