Classic Battletech Companion


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The Classic BattleTech Companion is an expansion to MechWarrior, Third Edition (and its reprinted title, Classic BattleTech RPG). This book compiles the additional Life Paths that were published in the Field Manual series and completes it for the titles that came before the release of the third edition. CBT Companion also enables players to create characters using a point-based system instead of using random rolls on the life paths, while also giving a peek behind the scenes to provide Gamemasters with guidelines on creating new life paths. Further, it adds new traits and skills to the ever-growing list. A detailed section on creatures gives Gamemasters dozens to use and provides the rules so that they can create their own. Rules for constructing your own battle armor first appeared here, before being updated in TechManual. Finally, advice on running the game, helpful tools for GMs, and a simple system for administering landholds are all provided. An appendix with blank record sheets contains a battle armor construction worksheet and an expanded, two-page character sheet. The concept for the cover of this book was decided via a contest, where fans could submit their ideas for what would appear on the cover. The winner of this contest as William Mouat.


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