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Located just a hundred miles from Japan is a strange and deadly island—a place where gigantic alien monsters battle one another for supremacy, evil entities search for artifacts of power, and villainous organizations scheme and collaborate. This is Monster Island, where even the boldest, strongest superheroes come face to face with enemies powerful enough to give them pause.

Monster Island is your guide to the entire island, including:

  • a detailed history of Monster Island, from its creation by the alien Qularr in 1965 up to the present day
  • character sheets for the giant monsters living on the island
  • information on Bureau 17, the Japanese organization that keeps the monsters under control
  • a region-by-region review of every area of the island—Wayfarer Coast; Slither Beach; Wells’ Pass; the Feral Tangle; the ARGENT Corporate Wildlife Preserve; Echinocos Shore; and Andrithal—with plenty of maps of key locations a description of the various factions competing for power and territory on the island—such as the Qularr, VIPER, the Elder Worm, and the Lemurians—including their leaders, lieutenants, and resources

Inspired by and based on the Monster Island zone from the Champions Online massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, Monster Island is lavishly illustrated with screenshots, character pictures, and other art taken directly from the game. So get your heroes ready for their greatest challenge yet: Monster Island!


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