CAV: The Big Dance


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Once each year, the galaxy’s finest mercenary units gather to compete in the tradition-steeped Warmaster Tournament. The winners reap a bountiful reward. The losers often face obscurity or death. The Big Dance is a fierce and deadly event, full of action, pomp, and drama. And someone must bring all this to an eager audience galaxy-wide.

That is where veteran pilot Nick Kolinsky and his partner Jess Batson come in. Assigned to cover the event for the MercNet news agency, they are ordered to find the inside stories and behind-the-scenes drama of the Warmaster Tournament. Little did they realize that the action would come to find them instead, drawing them into a sinister plot of galactic proportions.

With danger at every turn, Nick and Jess must use all of their knowledge, skill, and wit. Otherwise, their first Big Dance may be their last…


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