Castles in the Sky


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Pilot flying World War I-style battleships in the upcoming wargame Castles in the Sky.

Designed to support at least a two-player game, Castles in the Sky: A Wargame of Flying Battleships takes place in an alternative 20th Century in which the Great Powers of the modern world – such Britain, USA, Germany and France – discovered the key to flight in warships. The development of the air screw successfully led to the creation of flight-worthy battleships that navies could ‘sail’ across the skies, getting into fights with ships from enemy nations and potentially changing the tide of war for good.

As the captains behind these aerial ironclads, players will be commanding their battleships across the battlefield, determining their movement and attack patterns. Using the rulebook for Castles in the Sky, players will be able to learn how to navigate their ships – represented by miniatures – and engage with enemy forces. Before battle, players will have to assemble their fleets using the various units available to each of the eight national navies.

Once they’ve formed their respective fleets, players can then embark on a series of scenarios included within the book, with every scenario presenting the captains with unique challenges and obstacles for them to overcome alongside their battles against each other. Only the player who is able to command their flying fleet victory will be named the winner of the wargame.


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