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Caesar Commands You…To Drink!

Under the dissolute Emperor Caligula, the Roman Senate gets down to the serious business: drinking. But they keep on making laws. The usual penalty for disobedience: take another drink!

Everyone is Roman Senator. There are eight divine laws that are set in stone. Every Senator (player) must follow divine law. There are up to twelve Caesar’s Commands put forth by the Senators (players). Laws must either require some action, or prohibit some action. A rule can include a penalty, within the limits agreed at the beginning of the game. If no penalty is specified, the penalty is “Take a drink.” Two special positions in the game are the Arbiter, and Fool. The Arbiter’s job: Keep the scroll, and fills in new laws (rules). Advises on wording of new laws (rules). Judges compliance with new laws (rules).

The Fool’s job: Does not have to follow any of Caesar’s commands, and may deliberately break them to lure others into error. If they make someone laugh, that person drinks. The fool must still follow divine law. Everyone starts with a small amount of coins. Coins can be used to pay fines and avoid drinking.


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