Blood Bowl: Team Card Pack – Shambling Undead


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A 49-card deck of Blood Bowl reference cards for Shambling Undead teams such as the Champions of Death. In addition to a number of player datacards for each Shambling Undead player and their available Star Players, there is a selection of blank player cards that can be used to create or keep track of your own players for your team.

There is also a team roster card that will help you keep track of your team’s progression, with a match record on the reverse side, and two sets of three thematic Special Play cards:

Benefits of Training

– Helping Hand
– The Wight Stuff
– Dead Ringer

Dirty Tricks

– One Foot in the Grave
– Coffin Fit
– The Main Skull

Key Features
A 49-card deck designed to support Shambling Undead teams

Includes a blank team roster and player cards to track team progression

Includes 6 Special Play cards that are unique to Shambling Undead teams


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