Beyond the Supernatural 2nd Edition


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Beyond the Supernatural Role-Playing Game

The setting is our modern world. Today. The heroes – ordinary people and those with the gift of paranormal abilities. Characters who have been drawn into the realm of the supernatural because of their “gifts” or because they have suffered in the clutches of supernatural terror and have chosen to fight back.

Venture into a shadowy world of horror, strange creatures, and dark magic unlike any you’ve ever experienced. And pray you can keep your sanity as well as your soul.

  • Extensive background and lush setting.
  • 14 Psychic Character Classes (P.C.C.s), such as the Fire Walker, Ghost Hunter, Medium, Psi-Mechanic, Psychic Sensitive and others.
  • 42 occupations, including the Professional Psychic and Psychic Investigator.
  • More than 100 psychic abilities, plus special P.C.C. powers.
  • The Lazlo Society and Lazlo Agency.
  • Creatures of darkness, Entities and other fiends.
  • Easy to learn rules get you started with a bang.
  • A role-playing game of horror and suspense.
  • 256 pages written by Kevin Siembieda.


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