Betrayal: Deck of Lost Souls


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Many lost souls have been lured by the secrets hidden within the House on the Hill. Now an ancient relic—a cursed deck of cards—from the darkest reaches of the attic has entrapped you as well! In the Betrayal Deck of Lost Souls standalone game, a player and their fellow explorers must race to defeat the many horrors lurking within the deck. Play Item cards to defeat Omens and Curses, but beware! There may be a traitor in the group, working against the others to unleash the one true Curse. This strategy game includes premium Tarot card-sized cards: 6 Curse cards, 34 Item cards, 4 Special Item cards, 18 Minor Omen cards, 16 Major Omen cards, 5 Character cards, 6 Journey cards, and 5 Reference cards. Looking for exciting games for game night? Gather friends for this immersive, story-driven card game. With many ways to play, the spine-tingling fun is endless! For 3 to 5 players, ages 12 and up.

  • The Betrayal Deck of Lost Souls game is a chilling Tarot-inspired card game, featuring a horror-themed storyline, art, and characters. For 3-5 players, ages 12+
  • In this cooperative game of betrayal and bluffing, players take on secret roles: explorers working together to defeat the one true Curse—and a traitor trying to thwart their efforts
  • The Tarot-sized cards—including 11 foil cards—feature haunting, full-color illustrations of Curses, Omens, nightmarish characters, and powerful objects
  • Encounter Curses, such as the Plague Doctor and Beasts of the Woods, as well as Major and Minor Omens that build dread and fear in this this standalone game
  • Easy to learn and fun to master, this strategy card game offers simplified gameplay for newcomers and variations for advanced players. Jump into a game and play in about 20 mins.
  • Horror-themed strategy card games add excitement to Family Game Night and gatherings with friends. And this portable game makes a fun travel game for teens and adults
  • Horror games and strategy games are great gifts for teens and adults. For more Avalon Hill horror games, look for the Betrayal at House on the Hill board game and expansion packs


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