Battletech: Way of the Clans


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Rise of a Warrior…

In the 31st century, the BattleMech is the ultimate war machine. Ten meters tall and armed with devastating weapons, it is an unstoppable engine of destruction.

In the 31st century, the Clans are the ultimate warriors. The result of generations of controlled breeding, Clan Warriors pilot their BattleMechs like no others.

In the 31st century, Aidan aspires to be a Warrior of Clan Jade Falcon. To win the right to join his Clan in battle, he must succeed in training that will forge him into one of the best warriors of the galaxy – or break him completely.

In the 31st century, Aidan discovers that the toughest battle is not on the field, but in his head – where failure will cost the ultimate price: his humanity.


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