Battletech: The Early Years (Special Edition)


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What Really Happened? – The Lyran & Dieron Fronts of the 3039 War
The Ghost of the Twenty-Fifth, A Tale of the 3039 War
The Liao Protocol – Problems Unique to the Capellan Federation
The Gold Rush, a combat memoir
Snake Eyes, a combat memoir
Ranger Ruckus, a combat memoir
Hiring Hall – The Edge of Night Regiment
Worldbook – Twycross
Know Your Supplier – Avalon Arms
BattleTac – When to Worry in Jump Space
BattleMech Design – Mechs That Don’t Shoot
BattleTech Simulator – BattleMech Quirks: The Medium Mechs
BattleMechanics – Technical Readout: The Chimera BattleMech
More Than Warriors
Special Insert: A Day in the Life of the Inner Sphere: October 21, 3013


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