Battletech: The Clans – Warriors of Kerensky


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Purporting to be an in-universe document compiled by Phelan Kell (an Inner Sphere adoptee of the Clans who had risen to the rank of Khan) for his father on Arc-Royal, The Clans: Warriors of Kerensky is a sourcebook for information on Clan society and culture.

The first section details the history of the Clans collectively, beginning with the creation of the Star League and ending with the ejection of Clan Steel Viper from the Inner Sphere in 3061. The second section is about the culture of the Clans, including the caste system, Bloodnames, and social mores. That is followed by a discussion of Clan government and the various factions and organizations that play into that, including Bloodhouses, Clan Councils, and the military. The fourth sections goes a little more in depth into the individual Clans. Section five provides information on some of the worlds in Clan space, including Strana Mechty and the Pentagon Worlds. A glossary provides definitions for different Clan terms. Finally, a rules section provides a guide on how Clan characters should behave in combat and their views on different situations.


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