Battletech: Masters and Minions – The StarCorps Dossiers


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Who is the Director of the Internal Security Force? Planetary ruler of Regulus? Current Marshal of the Armies? Merchant Factor of Clan Diamond Shark?

As one of the most powerful interstellar corporations in the Inner Sphere – with satellite planets in every House – such questions are imperative for StarCorps Industries. In the tumultuous time of the Jihad, a power brokers fall and new personalities rise to prominence, the answers to such questions can mean the difference between a fat in-the-black account and operations in the red. And no corporation, much less one as powerful and far reaching as StarCorps Industries, treats failure well.

Masters and Minions: The StarCorps Dossiers is a sourcebook from the perspective of StarCorps Industries, compiled from dozens of sources by an army of administrators, all with an eye towards furthering StarCorps markets and interests. Masters and Minions is a complete who’s-who of the BattleTech universe, with well over a hundred personalities detailed. Short overviews of all the major and most minor factions of the Inner Sphere are also included, briefly covering such details as their most notable factories, planets and military forces.


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