Battletech / Aerotech 2: Record Sheets


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Aerospace assets bridge the gulf between the stars in the thirty-first century, making interstellar travel, and interstellar war, possible. WarShips escort JumpShips as they tear a hole in the fabric of the universe to jump thirty-light years towards a distant star; DropShips detach and make the million kilometer trip to the destination planet; aerospace fighters protect the DropShips burning into the destination’s atmosphere, as the defender’s aerospace fighters rise to meet them — all to land a MechWarrior and his precious ‘Mech on the field of battle. AeroTech 2: Record Sheets™ is an all inclusive book that contains a filled-out record sheet for every conventional fighter, aerospace fighter, small craft, DropShip, JumpShip, WarShip and Space Station, along with all variants, currently in use with in the BattleTech® universe. In all, this book contains 319 filled-out record sheets, providing a single book for the complete aerospace assets of the BattleTech universe.


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