Bananagrams: Party Edition


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Mix in the chaos, stir up the fun! The word-racing frenzy that sees you steal letters, swap places, and even destroy other players’ word grids!

BANANAGRAMS Party Edition captures the addictive fun of the original, but with 14 chaos-inducing new tiles…So start the party and let the mayhem begin!

This game plays in a similar way to Classic BANANAGRAMS, with the object to be the first to use up all of your letters.

Start by showing everyone the 14 party tiles to switch up game play, then, mix them facedown into the bunch. When you draw a party tile from the BUNCH, you MUST use it immediately. With all but two party tiles, you pick another player to carry out the action. Some tiles have one-off actions, while others continue until the end of the hand. When an action is complete, put the tile to the side of your grid, out of play.

If the BUNCH has fewer tiles than there are players when you put the last letter in your grid, you don’t say “PEEL”, you say “BANANAS!” 

Other players now inspect your grid. If it contains a misspelled word, proper noun, abbreviation or other unacceptable word, the others call out “ROTTEN BANANA!” and you’re out of the game. ALL of a Rotten Banana’s letters and party tiles are returned to the BUNCH face down. Play now continues for everyone else until the BUNCH again depletes, and someone else calls out “BANANAS!” When someone says “BANANAS!” and has an acceptable grid, they become TOP BANANA, and win!


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