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Have you ever wanted to construct a robot hero? Hack into the Orbital Defense Network? Rewire the power grid to a major metropolitan area? Talk to a digital intelligence? Send encrypted data between star systems?
Now you can. Learn to have, rewire, and rebuild all things digital with the advanced and expanded ALTERNITY game rules for robots, AIs, software, hardware, and clean, easy hacking included in this book.

Inside this 96-page book you’ll find:

  • Rules on robot design, including suggestions for introducing robot characters into your campaign.
  • Artificial Intelligence design and rules for incorporating an AI into your campaign.
  • New careers for gridrunning characters.
  • Expanded information on the structure of the Grid.
  • Rules for gridrunning, including combining a gridpilot’s actions with the actions of other characters.
  • New computer hardware and dozens of new programs.


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