After the Bomb: Book 1


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Four generations after World War III, after the nuclear winter, after the plague and after the collapse of humanity a “new” breed of creatures lay claim to much of the world: intelligent mutant animals!

After the Bomb® provides rules and background material for going beyond the original TMNT or Heroes Unlimited™ games on to a world ruled by mutant animals! Player characters can be any possible type of mutated animal: Bear, Cat, Dog, Rat, Bird, Alligator, even Turtles. They may be members of one of the various “nations”, like the Rodent Cartel, Gatorland, New Kennel, or the Wolf Barbarians, to name a few, or they can be freewheeling adventurers or mercenaries.

Your overall goal is likely to be to safeguard your fellow mutant animals from the evil schemes of the Empire of Humanity; the strongest, most technologically advanced force in the known world. Adventures range from scavenging ruins of human cities to combating roving bands of marauders and bandits, to fighting the robots and treachery of the Empire of Humanity. Watch out for the Gun Bunny survivalists and the Psycho-Zombies!

  • Robots and High Technology.
  • Encounter tables, including mutated insects.
  • Six adventure scenarios.
  • Compatible with Heroes Unlimited and the Palladium Megaverse.


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