Adventures on the High Seas 2nd Edition


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Palladium® Fantasy RPG Book 3:

Adventures on the High Seas™

Second Edition Book Three: Adventures on the High Seas. In addition to being a super-sourcebook that maps and explores the islands around the Palladium Continent, including the Isle of the Cyclops, the second edition includes a variety of additional, new source material, magic items, magic curses, ship to ship combat, six adventures and ideas for a dozen more.

Adventure! Numerous adventures on the high seas and oceans of the Palladium world take you to an uncharted island in the Sea of Despair to the noble walls of the Bizantium Kingdom, the isles of Y-Oda and Zy, then south to the pirate and serpent infested waters of the Floenry Isles (all 14 islands are described), and finally west to the seldom visited Island of the Cyclops and its four sisters islands. A truly comprehensive addition to the Palladium RPG fantasy system.

Highlights Include:

  • Six adventures plus scores of adventure ideas.
  • New magic items and world information.
  • Over 20 islands and 20 cities mapped and described.
  • Ship to ship combat and ship stats.
  • 224 pages – Written by Kevin Siembieda


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