A Thieves’ World: Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary


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Sanctuary: fantasy’s grimiest, nastiest, ugliest city. Shadowspawn: fantasy’s most notorious thief. Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary: the indispensable Thieves’ World handbook. In this weighty tome, you’ll find an overview of the city’s neighborhoods and surrounding areas, descriptions of important locations and key sites, advice for aspiring Thieves’ World Game Masters, and full details on the principle characters of both eras, including such favorites as Lythande, Tempus, Ischade, and of course Shadowspawn himself. The book also expands the rules options for the Thieves’ World Player’s Manual with new backgrounds, cultures, prestige classes, and the mysterious and powerful Ur-words. Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary gives you everything you need to run roleplaying games in this classic fantasy city.


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