A Thieves’ World: Black Snake Dawn


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Black Snake Dawn is a new adventure for the Thieves’ World Campaign Setting. Inside this exciting new scenario, you’ll find:

* A detailed overview of Sanctuary during its most violent era in the classic anthologies.
* An examination of the various power groups controlling the city, including the gladiators, PFLS, death squads, and more.
* Extensive guidelines for randomly generating zones and encounters in the city.
* Additional information on beloved characters such as Niko, Stilcho, and Daphne.
* A complete adventure for four to six characters of 9th level.

Black Snake Dawn sheds light on the city during one of its most dire and dynamic eras. When Molin Torchholder rounds up the player characters to investigate the disappearance of a visiting noble’s daughter, the adventurers must navigate a quagmire of intrigue and corruption, wend their way through the combat zones of the city, avoid death squads, thwart terrorists, and forge alliances with the different power groups if they hope to succeed on their mission. And they must do it all before the first rays of the Black Snake Dawn scorch the horizon.


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