A Song of Ice & Fire: Stormcrow Archers


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A Stormcrow is a Stormcrow, whether wielding blade, bow, or both. Money remains the prime motivator in the Stormcrow mind, and extra coin can prod added effort from these mercenaries. Stormcrow Archers are adept in long-range combat, with recurved longbows and arrows made for distant flight. They’re not meant for melee, though their shortswords can fend off weakened attackers. Still, a wise commander will keep them far from flankers or cavalry.

  • LETHAL ARCHERS: Deploy the Stormcrow Archers, expert marksmen with deadly precision.
  • RANGED FIREPOWER: Rain arrows down upon your foes from a safe distance, inflicting significant damage.
  • TACTICAL VERSATILITY: Utilize their ranged abilities to control the battlefield and thwart enemy advances.
  • LEADERSHIP ADVANTAGE: Command their leaders to enhance their accuracy and effectiveness in combat.


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