1st & Goal: Southeast Division


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1st & Goal: Southeast Division, an expansion for 1st & Goal, contains 28 dice which make up 4 custom teams. The Dice Football League (DFL) Southeast Division includes the following teams:

• Columbia Crocodiles – The Crocodiles enter the league with the 13th ranked running game and the 13th ranked passing game. Coach Al Egatar states, “Our team has a lot of heart. Our boys give it everything they’ve got. I just wish they had more.” Quarterback, Duane Pipe, remarks, “Coach says we have to leave it all on the field. I don’t know what that means.”

• Raleigh Reapers – The Reapers enter the league with the 15th ranked running game and 23rd ranked passing game. Despite a lackluster offense, the Reapers do have a deadly defense. Coach Harry Grimm states, “We don’t put tons of points on the board, but our defense will bury you.” Kicker Doug Graves had this to say: “Settle for three, bring on the D, baby!”

• Savannah Savages – The Savages enter the league with the 24th ranked running game and the 12th ranked passing game. Despite a weak offense, the Savages have a top ten defense. Coach Brock Lee states, “I get a little steamed at times, but really, we’re not as green as we look”. Defensive Lineman Terry Heddoff commented: “Grrr! Arrgh! Grrr! “.

• Virginia Beach Valiants – The Valiants enter the league with the 19th ranked running game and the 2nd ranked passing game. In addition to their one-dimensional offense, the Valiants have lower than average defense. Coach Bjorn Toulouse states, “Our offense likes to put the ball in the air. Less fumbles that way.” Quarterback Orin Julius commented: “Passing is like punting. Except we get to keep the ball. Mostly.”


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