1st & Goal: Northwest Division


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1st & Goal: Northwest Division, an expansion for 1st & Goal, contains 28 dice which make up 4 custom teams. The Dice Football League (DFL) Northwest division includes the following teams:

• Boulder Barrage – The Barrage enters the league with the 22nd ranked running game and the 17th ranked passing game. Despite a rocky offense, the Barrage have a top 5 defense. Coach M. T. Noggin states, “We emphasize defense on our squad. Sometimes we emphasize the first syllable. Sometimes we emphasize the last syllable. We like to mix things up.” Left Tackle, Uno Ochoocho had this to say: “Man, they should have called us the Boulder Boulders. That would have been SO cool!”

• Portland Pounders – The Pounders enter the league with the 6th ranked running game and the 4th ranked passing game. Despite a great offense, the Pounders have the 21st ranked defense. Coach Joe King states, “We’re very proud of our solid offense. Those boys put in a lot of hours and they’re ready to take the field and put points on the board. We love our defense too, but we’re not proud of them.” Quarterback Jack Ammer had this to say: “We pound you, see? That’s why we’re the Pounders. It’s not like the unit of weight thing. Pound like da verb. Not da noun.”

• Salt Lake City Shakers – The Shakers enter the league with the 4th ranked running game and the 7th ranked passing game. Despite a great offense, the Shakers have the 22nd ranked defense. Coach Harris Gray states, “It’s all about clock control for us. As long as we have the ball, they can’t score.” Quarterback Bruce Sezesley had this to say: “We’re looking forward to winning a lot of games in the RFL this year. Losing — not so much.”

• St. Paul Paladins – The Paladins enter the league with the 18th ranked running game and the 22nd ranked passing game. Despite troubles on offense, the Paladins have the #1 ranked defense in the league. Coach Gus Undheit states, “Our defense is key to our success. We have trouble running the ball. We have trouble passing the ball. Sometimes we can’t even find the ball. But bless us, our defense keeps us in the game.” When asked about the lukewarm passing attack, Quarterback Stan Downwind had this to say: “I strive not to be the worst that I can be. That’s how I live my life and how I play my game.”


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