10 Million Ways to Die


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Your sword cuts deep into an enemy’s quadricep and blood fountains 4 feet high. Does he expire immediately? Or can he deliver one last amazing stroke that takes your head from your shoulders, helmet and all?

A nicely placed arrow takes down your foe’s mount. Is her neck broken? Or does she roll to her feet and let loose 3 throwingstars that cause your voicebox to part company with your throat?

This ultimate combat sourcebook answers such questions in heartstopping detail. Use it with any RPG system! A multitude of weapons, critical results, and suggestions for realism in fist fights, duels, battle axe versus battle axe, and more.

More cool things inside:

  • Detailed critical results
  • Weapons & attacks for all eras
  • Conversions for major RPGs
  • Complete combat rules

Dice ’em to death!


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