Dragon's Den Games | November 12th Newsletter

Arriving Thursday - The Griffons Saddlebag from Hit Point Press; Imperial Settlers Empires of the North Japanese Island from Portal Games; NEW Pathfinder and Starfinder from Paizo; and Unpainted My Little Pony Miniatures from Wizkids! Available Friday - Nemesis from Asmodee; Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game, Arkham Horror Card Game: The Search for Kadath, Lord of the Rings Card Game: Wrath and Ruin, Star Wars Legion Count Dooku & Clone Captain Rex all from FFG; Madala from Lookout Games; MTG Throne of Eldraine Bundle Gift Sets & Game Night Kit 2019 from WOTC; and Pokemon TCG Galar Collection! Available Saturday - Necromunda Dark Uprisisng Boxed Set and more from Games Workshop! All this and so much more plus a ton of re-stocks too! See Newsletter in PDF