Dragon's Den Games | January 22nd Newsletter

NEW - Petrichor: Honey Bee from APE Games; Fallout Wasteland Warfare Institute Core Box from Modiphius; Munchkin Zombies: Grave Mistakes & Dungeon Survival Pack: Kitten Adventurers from SJG; Pokemon TCG Meowth VMax Collection from the Pokemon Co.; and Shadowrun 6th GMs Screen from Catalyst Games! Arriving Thursday - Air, Land & Sea from Arcane Wonders; Papillon from Kolossal Games; Rajas of the Ganges Goodies Box & Humboldt's Great Voyage from R&R Games; Exiled Legends Earth & Air from TEE; and Dungeons and Doggies #3 from Steamforged! Available Friday - Airship City from Asmodee; New Star Wars Legion from FFG; and Magic the Gathering Theros Beyond Death from WOTC! Available Saturday - New Warhammer 40K Adepta Sororitas Wave 2 & Psychic Awakening Ritual of the Damned from Games Workshop! All this plus so much more! See Newsletter in PDF