Dragon's Den Games | February 5th Newsletter

NEW - Masters of Renaissance from Asmodee; and Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield Boosters and Theme Decks! Arriving Friday - T.I.M.E. Stories Experience & The Hadal Project from Asmodee; Arkham Horror Card Game: Point of No Return & L5R Card Game: The Clan War from FFG; This War of Mine: Days of the Siege from Galakta; GeekOut 80's & 90's from Playroom Entertainment; Horrified (Re-Stock) from Ravensburger; Dark Souls Board Game Phantoms Expansion from Steamforged; and NEW Pathfinder & Starfinder from Paizo! Available Saturday - Age of Sigmar: Souls Wars Wrath of the Everchosen and Warhammer Underworlds The Wurmspat & Hrothgorn's Mantrappers Units from Games Workshop! All this plus so much more! See Newsletter in PDF