Dragon's Den Games | October 31st Newsletter

New Today - Dragon's Hoard from Renegade Game Studios; Agricola Upgrade Expansions & Pathfinder Iconic Heroes #7 from Wizkids; Pokemon TCG Zoroark GX Box! Arriving Thursday - Codenames Marvel Edition from Czech Games; Iron Kingdoms Company of Iron from Privateer Press; Santorini (Re-Print) from Roxley Games; Scythe Realistic Resources from Stonemaier; Doctor Who RPG Paternoster from Cubilce-7; and 7th Seas RPG Core Rules & Supplements from John Wick! Arriving Friday - Farlight from Game Salute; Rayguns & Rocketships from IDW; Sundae Split from Renegade Game Studios; and White Dwarf November Issue from Games Workshop! On Sale Saturday - Warhammer Underworlds: Ironskull's Boyz & Sepulchral Guard from Games Workshop! All this plus so much more and lots of re-stocks too! See Newsletter in PDF