Dragon's Den Games | October 15th Newsletter

NEW - One Night Ultimate Bonus Roles from Bezier; Epic Spell Wars 5 from Cryptozoic; King of Tokyo / King of New York Cybertooth Monster Pack from Iello; Shadowrun 6th Dice & Tokens and Prime Runner Miniatures from Catalyst Games; Pathfinder Battles Legendary Adventures Pre-Painted Miniature Packs from Wizkids; Pathfinder 2E Lost Omens Character Guide & Critical Fumble Deck and more from Paizo; and Tome of Beasts Pocket Edition from Kobold Press! Available Friday - Star Wars Legion Clone Wars Core Set plus more from FFG! Available Saturday - Warhammer 40K Blood of the Phoenix Boxed Set & Psychic Awakening: Phoenix Rising from Games Workshop! All this plus so much more! See Newsletter in PDF