Dragon's Den Games | November 7th Newsletter

Arriving Thursday - Unlock: House on the Hill, Nautilus Traps & Tonipal's Treasure from Asmodee; Ticket to Ride First Journey Europe from Days of Wonder; Game of Thrones LCG Brotherhood Without Banners & House of Thorns, Legend of the Five Rings LCG Tears of Amaterasu, Lord of the Rings LCG The Mountain of Fire, Mansions of Madness Streets of Arkham, and Star Wars LCG Desperate Circumstances all from Fantasy Flight Games; Rhino Hero Super Battle from HABA Games; Planet of the Apes from IDW; Raxxon & New Ashes Rise of the Pheonixborn Expansion Packs from Plaid Hat Games; Flick'Em Up Dead of Winter from Pretzel Games; Time Barons from Wizkids; and Junngle from Z-Man Games! On Sale Friday - Dungeons & Dragons 5E Xanathar's Guide to Everything & Magic the Gathering Duel Deck Merfolk vs Goblins from Wizards of the Coast! On Sale Saturday - Warhammer 40K Codex Tyranids & Datacards plus more from Games Workshop! All this and more this week! See Newsletter in PDF