Dragon's Den Games | November 27th Newsletter

NEW - Power Grid Middle East / South Africa Map from Rio Grand Games; Cover Your Kingdom from Grandpa Becks; Harry Potter Death Eaters Rising, Munchkin Disney DuckTales, Geek Out Disney & Codenames Simpsons from USAopoly; and New Pokemon TCG World Champ Decks 2019 & Collector Chest Tins 2019! Available Friday - Ice Team from Asmodee; Legends of the Five Rings Card Game: Shoju's Duty, Star Wars Legion Paint Sets, and Genesys RPG GMs Screen & Player's Guide from FFG; and 40K Sisters of Battle Boxed Army, Psychic Awakening Faith & Fury, Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer, Start Collecting Chaos Space Marines & Vanguard Space Marines all from Games Workshop! All this plus so much more! See Newsletter in PDF