Dragon's Den Games | May 2nd Newsletter

Arriving Wednesday - Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon Guardians Rising; and Pathfinder Bestiary 6 & Pathfinder Ironfang Adventure Path 3 of 6 from Paizo! Arriving Thursday - Star Wars Destiny Spirit of Rebellion & Game of Thrones LCG Guarding the Realm from Fantasy Flight Games; Jim Henson's Labyrinth (Re-Stock) from River Horse Games; New Flames of War Miniatures from Battlefront; My Little Pony RPG: Tales of Equestria from Ninja Division; and Time Watch RPG from Pelgrane Press! Arriving Friday - Guild Ball Season 3 Rulebook & Guild Ball Heralds of the Winter's Moon Box from Steamforged; D&D Adventures in Middle-Earth Loremaster's Guide from Cubicle-7; Numenera Ninth World Bestiary 2 from Monte Cook Games; and White Dwarf May 2017 from Games Workshop! On Sale Saturday - Shadow War Armageddon Rulebook, 40th Anniversary Grombrindal Figure, and New Age of Sigmar Kharadron Overlords Miniatures from Games Workshop! All this plus so much more and a Chessex dice re-stock too! See Newsletter in PDF