Dragon's Den Games | May 1st Newsletter

Arriving Thursday - Android Netrunner: Whispers in Nalubaale from FFG; Trump Cards from Wood Expressions; History of the World from Z-Man Games; and Menara from Zoch Games! Arriving Friday - Tadmor from Gotha Games; Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon Forbidden Light Boosters, Theme Decks & Elite Trainers; and White Dwarf May 2018 from Games Workshop! On Sale Saturday - New Age of Sigmar Idoneth Deepkin Models, Blood Bowl Doom Lords Team, Necromunda Gang War 3 & Necromunda Van Saar Gang plus so much more from Games Workshop! All this plus a whole ton of re-stocks too! Steamforged – Guild Ball Ratcatchers – Arriving Monday (Sorry this one is really late coming in and as a bonus I am offering 20% off to all who pre-order or already pre-ordered this item!) See Newsletter in PDF