Dragon's Den Games | March 20th Newsletter

NEW - Twilight Imperium Game Mat from FFG; Micropolis, Princess Jing, and Xi'an from Matagot; and Decrypto from Scorpion Masque! Arriving Wednesday - Smash Up: That 70's Expansion from Alderac; Firefly Adventures: Brigands and Browncoats from GF9; Tao Long: The Way of the Dragon from GateOnGames; and Savage Worlds High-Space from S2P! Arriving Thursday - Star Wars: Legion plus Expansion Packs from FFG; Grimm Forest from SKY; Noria from Stronghold Games; and D&D Pre-Painted Miniatures: Monster Menagerie 3 Packs from Wizkids! Arriving Friday - Tal Dorei Campaign Book for 5E from Green Ronin! On Sale Saturday - Warhammer 40K Forgebane Boxed Set from Games Workshop! All this plus so much more and a huge re-stock as well! See Newsletter in PDF