Dragon's Den Games | June 5th Newsletter

Arriving Wednesday - Clades from Atlas Games; Thanks You Monster & Gurms from Bananagrams; Catacombs Conquest from Elzra; Monopoly Cheaters Ediiton from Hasbro; and Pokemon TCG Shiny Zygarde GX Box & Necrozma Premium Collection from Pokemon Co.! Arriving Thursday - I Would Fight the Dragon from Cat Dragon Games; Arkham Horror LCG Labyrinths of Lunacy, AGOT LCG The Shadow City & Arkham Horror Novella The Deep Gate from FFG; and Aeon's End The Outer Dark from IBC! On Sale Friday - Magic the Gathering Battlebonds & Commander Anthology 2018 from Wizards of the Coast! On Sale Saturday - Warhammer 40K Imperial Knights Renegade Box, Codex, Datacards, Armiger Helverins, Knight Valiant, Knight Castellan & more from Games Workshop! All this plus a whole lot of re-stocks too! See Newsletter in PDF