Dragon's Den Games | July 18th Newsletter

Arriving Wednesday - Boss Monster Implements of Destruction from Brotherwise; The GodFather (Eric Lang) from CMON; Rick & Morty Anatomy Park from Cryptozoic; Tiny Epic Galaxies Beyond the Black from Game Salute; Ascension Alliances from Stoneblade Entertainment; and Marvel Legendary Fantastic 4 (Re-Print) from Upper Deck! Arriving Thursday - Werewords from Bezier; Netrunner LCG Free Mars & Lord of the Rings LCG The Black Serpent from Fantasy Flight Games; Drinking Fluxx from Looney Labs; Forces of Hordes Grymkin & Grymkin Miniatures from Privateer Press; D&D Icons of the Realms Set 7 (Forgotten Realms) from Wizkids; Shadowrun Book of the Lost & World Tarot Deluxe from Catalyst Game Lab; Doctor Who Gamemaster Companion from Cubicle-7; and New Pathfinder from Paizo! Also arriving on Friday is a full dice re-stock from Chessex & Koplow! We have all this coming in plus so much more! See Newsletter in PDF